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Boost now your organic visits and rankings by generating SEO Optimized Content automatically with our Artificial Intelligence and our exclusive WordPress Plugin.

(*) Results obtained by our blog after using this pluging to generate Q&A

What it does?

CTRify WordPress Plugin allows you to generate SEO Optimized Content for your websites in seconds!

To generate content with CTRify WordPress Plugin is simple as writing a single keyword. Our AI will learn all about it and generate content according to the selected type of campaign.

  • Generate all Questions & Answears arround one single keyword
  • Generate Posts by giving a list keywords
  • Generate Long Posts by giving a clustered keywords or subtitles

The AI does the heavy work

Need hundreds of SEO Optimized Posts? 4 clicks and less than 1 minute

Perhaps the world's simplest way of creating SEO-optimized quality content. You just need to write a keyword, let's say "SEO". Our AI will learn all about it and generate all possible questions people may have about such a term. And of course the answers to each of them. You can see a real example on our own blog all the content was generated simply by each keyword you can see on the menu, corresponding to a category.

  • Selected Questions: You will be able to select how many questions the AI should generate, and select which ones you like to convert on a Post.
  • Fully Automated: Or provide a limit and our AI will generate all the main questions and answers people are making about any subject by providing only the related keyword.

More than just simple Posts

Long Posts perform better Generate a 7.000 words post covering all about any topic with a few clicks

With our Cluster Keywords Campaign, you can give our AI the main H1 and a list of H2, H3, H4, etc subtitles, and it will create a full Post about the given topic or answering the asked questions.

The Post will include pictures, videos if are relevant to the content. Also you activate the option to include references to other related posts covering more about the subject as Wikipedia does. Google Loves sites that link relevant content.

  • Multi Language: the content can be generated in regionalized English and Spanish and can be automatically translated by AI to 26 languages.
  • Rich Content: the generated content can include pictures, videos, and links to related articles to help you with your backlinks outreach.
  • Flexible: You can provide simple keywords, or well subtitles or even questions... as you like. The AI will generate the long post covering all of them when you select a Cluster Campaign.

fast, simple but powerfull

How it Works?

Select a Campaign Type

Questions & Answears, Post by Keywords, or Long Post from a cluster keywords.

Provide Keywords

A single keyword if is a Q&A campaign. Or a simple list of keywords for the others.

AI Analysis

Relax and sit back, our AI will take care of fo the reserch and generate all your content.

Content Generated

You can auto-publish the post or keep them as drafts. Credits will be discounted only when posted.

Our brain

Awesome Team

Alberto M. Rubio
Nathalie Neri
UI/UX Designer
Alejandra Rubio
Full Stack Developer


Why us?

Fully Automated

Focus on keyword research, and let our AI do your content. Content can be posted automatically right away or be scheduled for daily, weekly, etc delivery.

On the right time

Out AI will generate all the content you need faster than you´ll be able to find new keywords. Post are generated in a matter of minutes.


Thanks to our economies of scale we are able to offer you service not just at the right price, but even less expensive than any other solution. And most important, hands-free for you.

Protection against penalizations

The content generated by AI is readable, original, and is Whitehat SEO optimized. Our content has been accepted by Adsense and indexed by Google and the rest of the Search Engines.

Start Now

Download CTRify WordPress Pluging

$ 97 USD
- 50,000 credits free -

You´ll get the plugin, a License Key valid for 10 websites, and 50,000 credits to generate content right away. Additional credits can be purchased later at only $0.002 cents each. Content is generated at a credit per word.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How good is the generated Content?

    The generated content is as good as other AI content generated by similars AIs, lets say OpenAI GPT-3 or GPT-2. It will never replace a proffesional copy writer on style. But will for sure surpase humman capabilities of research and content creation. Humans may rather prefer human-written content, but for SEO others AIs like Google´s will like our content as well. Ideally is recommended to write as better content as possible in order to convert your visitors to sales, or actions. AI-generated content helps you to start receiving traffic by indexing content faster. But is recommended that you monitor your visits in order to locate the most visited content and optimize it for your desired conversion needs.

  • Is the content original?

    Yes as original as any AI-generated content can be. It passes Plagiarism checkers. But is not invent content, we teach the AI to be as factual as possible to don not "invent" things. So it may cite real products, businesses and will cite real websites as references.

  • Can we get penalized by Google to use this service?

    You cannot be penalized for publishing original automated content. Our content has been accepted for Advertising programs like Adsense and is indexed by Google and Other search engines without problems.

  • I´m an SEO Consultant or Agency. Can I provide this service to my own customers?

    Sure, but with some considerations. You can´t resell this plugin or licenses, but you can sell the content generated by the plugin, or the service to generate content on any blog with it. But beware that every new installation will consume one license token. Each license key has limited sites.

  • Do I need a powerfull server to run this plugin?

    No. You can install this plugin on any cheap shared hosting. All the heavy lift is done on our Cloud.

  • Do you have an Affiliate or Referral Program?

    Yes, you can learn more about our Partners Program here