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Get a Ton of Free Organic Traffic Thanks to our AI SEO Solution

Get More Organic Traffic to your money pages!

Our A.I. creates exceptional websites from just a single keyword. Enjoy ultra-relevant, SEO-optimized articles with topical authority, covering the seed keyword and all related clusters. Experience the ease of having everything fully hosted, complete with the perfect A.I.-selected domain or your own choice!

Explore a stunning example of an A.I. Super Site created with the keyword: "all about Punta Cana"

It's no secret that ranking well on Google organically requires authoritative backlinks relevant to your website's theme. In the past, obtaining these links was difficult and expensive – just like PPC. But now, our A.I. can generate powerful initial contextual backlinks for your A.I.-created websites, propelling them to a DR of 20-30 in just a few weeks.

Additionally, CTRify can analyze your website metrics and generate a UX Signals campaign in seconds. Watch as thousands of signals are orchestrated over a calculated period, positively influencing Google's ranking algorithms for every URL and all ranked keywords. This boost in perceived quality will gradually increase your rankings in search results, encompassing not only main keywords but also long-tail keywords for each influenced URL.

AI does the heavy work

The perfect SEO Website? 3 clicks and less than 1 minute

Let´s say you have a Fishing Online Store... if you want the perfect SEO website you just need to write a keyword, let's say "Lure Fishing". Our AI will learn instantly all about it generating all possible questions and answers people may have about it. View the process on our Youtube Channel.

Then the AI will create in a few minutes including hosting an AI SEO Optimized website with articles based on all learned about "Lure Fishing" perfect for a backlink to your Lure Fishing online store category.

  • Perfect For Backlinks: Backlinks are important for rankings, but just if they are contextual and from websites topically related to yours, the more the better. Learn more about our backlink solution
  • Perfect for your own blog use our WordPress Plugin and create a blog. Tip: we just gived to the AI the menu keywords ;)
This is our NEW sample A.I. Super Site ActivitiesPunta Cana . And this is our Legacy sample A.I. generated website Punta Cana Tours has more than 1.000 keywords are ranked on the first page of Google.

All you need to rank first on Google

All you need to rank higher under the same roof!

According to this article How to Rank Higher On Google written by one of the most reputable SEO sources, recently acquired by Semrush, CTRify offers all you need to accomplish each of those rules.

What do you need to rank first?

  • Improve SEO on page: On CTRify you can generate websites with perfect SEO on-page that includes even search snippet optimization to help you capture even the top features results.
  • Add SLI keywords to your page: Our AI takes care of that when generating the content
  • Monitor Technical SEO: We take care of that for our hosted websites
  • Match content to search intent: Our AI takes care of that when generating the content
  • Reduce your Bounce Rate: The CTRify UX Signals takes care of that. Learn more about our UX Signals
  • Find even keywords to target: You just need to provide the main keyword... Our AI extracts and generates content for all related keywords it targets
  • Build backlinks to your site: Our AI generates automatically contextual backlinks that usually take the sites to DR 20-30 and if you have more competition you can buy more backlinks from top media around the world on our own dashboard
  • Boost your CTR: The CTRify UX Signals takes care of that. Learn more about our UX Signals
  • Use internal Linking: The AI Generates the perfect internal linking on our AI-generated websites keeping the flow of PageRank where it needs to go.

Some Real Results!

Our last Case Study Results of A.I. generated website!

Watch the video with the evolution in real time of our A.I. Generated Blog on which the hosting, website, and content were generated simply by giving the keyword "all about Punta Cana" to the AI.

  • Zero intervention: we didn´t add, modified, or change any content on the website or add new backlinks. The website is just as it was when generated by the A.I.
  • Fast Results: the generated content was indexed by Google pretty fast. It did leave the sandbox in just 2 months and did reach 1.000 monthly visits in the 5th month.

AdSense Ready!

Can these websites pay themselves? Without a doubt yes!

The example websites showcased here were created using just one keyword and have already recouped their initial investment through Adsense revenue alone. While the results may not be extraordinary, we have achieved this by simply creating the website and integrating it with Adsense once organic traffic started flowing. Enhanced outcomes can be attained through meticulous keyword research and tailored articles for each keyword. Consider these websites as valuable link sources for your primary money-making sites rather than standalone profit generators. Their ability to effectively display ads makes them ideal quality link sources, helping you rank higher for their seed keywords.

  • Create a website from a single keyword accompanied by SEO-optimized content
  • Google Adsense Ready! Simply add your Advertiser ID and submit the site for approval.

fast, simple but powerfull

How UX Signals works?

Select a Campaign Type

Verify a website and select what quality signals to equalize; CTR, Bounce, Dwell Time, Pogo Sticking, Page Views, Time on site, etc

AI Analysis

Our AI will Analyze your website data and offer you several options. From fully automated to custom-oriented campaigns.

Pay or select a Plan

You have the option to pay on demand by usage or select a monthly plan with a discount on credits.

Campaign Launch

Relax and sit back, our AI will take care of all. Jobs will be distributed and your reports are in real-time.

Same AI Content Generation Power on your own hosting

WordPress Plugin Available Try it on your website

Sometimes you want more control over a website and hosting and we understand that, this is why we launched our CTRify WordPress Plugin. Have the same powerful SEO Optimized AI content generation under your own server.

Get This Deal Before the Countdown Ends

Exclusive Lifetime Deal!
For just one payment of $197 you'll get lifetime access to our $197 USD/month plan, 2 free A.I. website generation and 1 license valid to activate the Pro Version of our WordPress Plugin on up to 10 domains!

  • All the benefits of our $197 USD monthly plan FOREVER, paying just 1 month. (Recurring credits not included)
  • Free 2 A.I. Website Generation with 40 posts with 1 year of hosting included and the initial backlinks to make the website usually reach DR 20-30 in a few weeks and start to rank well on Google.
  • Free license of CTRify WordPress Plugin valid to activate the plugin on 10 domains and 2.000 credits
  • 100 credits for valid for all services offered on our main Platform
  • BONUS: You´ll receive a welcome email with Advanced SEO Tactics used by SEOs that create and rank content websites to flip them later for 35 to 45 times their monthly revenue. Just this guide has more value than the full offer ;)


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Does this product compares with other SEO A.I. writing tools?

    No, we are not just another A.I. writing tool... we have a different and more specialized approach as the content generated for SEO requires an overall strategy.

    For example, using our new Super Site Planner, given a seed keyword, the A.I. will generate a Topical map and Silo Structure for later use it to generate our new A.I. SuperSite. The new SuperSite will have topical Authority for the seed keyword used to generate the plan and will fully cover the niche, or most of it. The logical hierarchy and semantical categorization make it easier for Google to understand what’s your website about. That makes these sites perfect to be used as money sites or even as ultra-high-quality Tier 1 backlinks.

    On the Legacy sites, the Q&A is based on research done in real-time on Google, not on the People also Ask questions but on the content ranked for each question and its related keywords. So the content is optimized for that given seed keyword. The purpose is to be used as a perfect backlink source for that seed keyword and its related ones for a money site that wants to rank for that keyword. Those can be also used as high-quality Tier 1 backlinks, or even as Tier 2 backlinks for the SuperSite.

    Think that you can get each SuperSite article, get the main keywords that it shows on our platform post editor, and create using them one or more Quick AI or Legacy websites that will be generated over that keyword(s) and that you will link back using that same keyword as an anchor from the new Super Post that you can generate on the Quick and Legacy sites that is a post internally linked from most of the rest of the articles using the site main keywords.

    That means that with a few clicks, you can have a super powerful small PBN to rank anything. This is basically what we do related to Website generation.

  • How Does the WordPress Plugin Works and what can I do with it?

    Let me explain how the WordPress Plugin works and how we use it on our own blog.Basically, we created a Question & Answer campaign for each of the keywords on the side menu: SEO, Marketing, etc. and we created a category for each of them so those posts were posted on each category.For conversion what we do is to generate articles, then once that ranks we modify them a bit like this to match our conversion objective.Also, they work really great as internal linking sources for money pages inside your blog (there is a detailed SEO guide that covers all this on the Welcome email).

  • How Does the A.I. Generated Websites works and how differs from your WordPress Plugin?

    The AI-generated websites like the Punta Cana ones can only be hosted on our cloud and they need our cloud CMS for you to make changes. Is a simple interface to add more posts, images, change things on the design, etc… (like any other CMS)Those websites are intended to be a source of highly relevant backlinks for a money website. As they are generated around one single keyword and since they receive more backlinks to other websites (as part of the service) also from articles with the same keywords.. they reach soon high Domain Rating and Authority.So links from those websites may help websites linked from their articles using the main related keywords to rank better on Google.Following the same example of the Punta Cana Website, a do-follow contextual link from one of their texts with the anchor “tours in punta cana” will help the linked page to rank for that keyword.Those websites will receive traffic and ideally, you want also to include a banner (like we did) featuring your brand. Also, you can modify articles to talk about your products without backlinks… But don´t overdo backlinks, one or two are enough the help with rankings more to the same website won´t do more and won't look natural.

  • How Good is the A.I. generated content?

    Like any A.I. content, some are better than others as you can see on our own blog. We found Q&A ones are the bests. But A.I. copy quality can´t beat human copy, yet. This is why we focused our product on an SEO link-building solution and not as a Copy Writer replacement as are not in the copywriting business, we are on the SEO game ;)The articles generated by our A.I. are factual and include what Googles expect to see on one article for the given keyword as our objective is to make them as rankable as possible. Also include links to main sources that extend the information (As google likes) And they are doing pretty well as you can see in our last video.

  • How Does UX Signals works?

    The time to do UX Campaigns is when you start to receive organic traffic for a lot of keywords and you start to optimize the CTR to improve rankings and have a deeper sense of what is your competition for each keyword.Our AI takes all your search console data, analyzes it and generates a campaign that will improve the ctr of all the keywords that has poor ctr for the position they are.

    On the A.I CTR optimization campaign you have two options:

    The first option (red) is the best for the first warm up campaign. What it does is to select all keywords that were receiving less clicks on their position than they should on the last month and they may be subject to loose those rankings.
    The second option (green) select the keywords that are ok on their position and increases the CTR to try to make them climb to the above position CTR average.
    You can do the first one the first month and then the second one the next.It takes in count the volume but yours not the total one.... Google knows the volume of every single keyword and their algos can anticipate in advance more or less the future volume... If you send more search than predicted then their algos will just ignore those outliers... So it starts slow... And it will keep increasing pressure on the next campaign.... Is how it works... This is why the AI campaign attacks all keywords with under optimal CTR and starts optimizing them first... In order to try to provide to Google and overall quality signal... On the second campaign ideally you will select the green option and on that option will attack keywords increasing their CTR to overpass the one that a Serp with better ranking has.... after 10 years of studying CTR and google patents is the best approach I reached...It works bases on credits.Each credit is equivalent to a set of actions described in each UX type of campaign. These actions encompass for each credit between 10-15 minutes of browsing executing tasks like searches on Google organic clicks and internal links internal browsing data extraction and analysis among others.For example, if is a UX CTR optimization 1 credit will include (simplified version):

    1) Perform one or more searches on the selected google TLD for the keyword and/or a close variation
    2) Click on the suggested result if exits (if not with the time, and enough searches on a given location will appear)
    3) Navigate on google results page reading and/or interacting with the results
    4) Collect SERPS information as results, positions, etc
    5) Click on one or more google results and perform Pogo Sticking / Dewel time signals among others
    6) End the process of navigating on the selected URL as if it were the best result for the query after seeing all the results.

  • How much cost to generate an A.I. Website?

    We had made a great effort on been able to offer for just $97 USD in credits value a full year of hosting + the generation of the website and the initial 40 posts + images + external links to the main sources for each post as Wikipedia, and also the initial inbound contextual backlinks to make the A.I. generated website reach usually DR 20-30 in few weeks.

    Think that just the inicial backlinks to make the website rank have a market cost of almost $300 USD

    Those websites are highly relevant for the given keyword and link the main sources around it to pick back authority. All this and the initial contextual backlinks from post around the same keyword makes google the websites fast. And I can ensure you that backlinks from them work pretty well.

    Regarding the PBN potential and technology side of these websites... each A.I.-generated website has different C names, Nameservers, IPs, which are hosted on different servers and different datacenters. Each one has unique HTML and JSand also mimics different WordPress versions to avoid footprints. And that isn´t cheaper neither.

  • Can I export the generated Sites to other hosting?

    Yes, if you are unhappy with our hosting you´ll be able to export the content and images to a JSON file or well use our WordPress Plugin to export the Posts and Images to a WordPress site hosted anywhere. We can also provide you a pure HTML copy of the website.

  • In what languages can the A.I websites be created?

    In 75 languages: Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified), Catalan, Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dari, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, French (Canada), Georgian, German, Greek, Gujarati, Haitian Creole, Hausa, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Kannada, Kazakh, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Malayalam, Maltese, Mongolian, Marathi, Norwegian, Farsi (Persian), Pashto, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Portugal), Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Sinhala, Slovak, Slovenian, Somali, Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), Swahili, Swedish, Filipino Tagalog, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uzbek, Vietnamese, and Welsh.

  • What means lifetime deal?

    The word “lifetime” applies to the lifetime of the product. You will have access to the selected plan for the lifetime of the product. The average lifetime of a product of this nature and price to be supported is approximately 5 years but we will make our greatest effort to be alive as much as possible thanks to all our customers.

  • Is this deal refundable?

    This special offer includes digital materials and self-signed keys that activate the Pre-version of our plugin. It also includes unlimited access to our keyword clusteizer and discloses our expired domains list and backlink sources so are not refundable to prevent abuses. So is not possible and the policy has no exemptions since the self-signed keys can´t be deactivated, also the digital material will be released at purchase.But you don´t have to worry, is a great investment. Just the free A.I. website generation included may pay back your investment in few time. You just need to create a SuperSite plan, then use the free website generation to generate a Super Website using it. Add it to Google Search Console and wait.In a few weeks it should start to rank for some keywords, when that happens you´ll receive a system email to let you know that is time to add it to Adsense. On average, without doing anything else the A.I. websites generated by our platform are generating more Adsense than this offer costs.You just need to pick a good niche with not too much competition and a good domain. Our system does the rest. In the Welcome email included with this offer, you´ll get a lot of Advance SEO tactics that will help you to pick the right niche. Pay it a good read.Also you´ll have us to help you with anything, support is another thing that we do best ;)

Our foundations

Some Google Patents

After carefully examining all Google patents over the past 10 years, and conduct hundreds of experiments we were able to create a software-based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which knows exactly when and where to generate ranking signals and make a certain url the best possible candidate for ranking under certain keyword based of the information contained on those patents. These signals include all types of actions such as the perfect user experiences, negative signals, searches, strategic link campaigns, etc.

What that Google patents say?

Patent: Refining Search Results Rankings Based on Content Affinity (Jul. 2017):

"if a document is linked to by many other relevant documents that also contain matches for the search terms, it can be inferred that the target document is particularly relevant."

"If the pointing documents are in turn the targets of links from other relevant documents, they can be considered more relevant, and the first document can be considered particu larly relevant because it is the target of relevant (or even highly relevant) documents. "

Patent: Recent Interest Based on Relevance Scoring (Jul. 2016):

"If the linking results are themselves highly relevant, then the linked-to results may have a particularly high relevance. Such an approach to determining relevance may be premised on the assumption that, if authors of web pages felt that another web site was relevant enough to be linked to, then web searchers would also find the site to be particularly relevant."

"In short, the web authors “vote up“ the relevance of the sites."

Patent: Document scoring based on link grow criteria (Mar. 2013):

"a document with an inception date of yesterday that is referenced by 10 back links. This document may be scored higher by search engine 125 than a document with an inception date of 10 years ago that is referenced by 100 back links because the rate of link growth for the former is relatively higher than the latter."

"Search engine may use the inception date of a document to determine a rate at which links to the document are created. This rate can then be used to score the document giving more weight to documents to which links are generated more often"

"Search engine may generate a content update score that repre sents how often a document (or page) is updated, an update amount score that represents how much the document (or page) has changed over time. "

"On the other hand, content deemed to be important if updated/changed (e.g., more often, more recently, more extensively, etc.). Such as the title oranchor text associated with the forward links, could be given more weight than changes to other content when determining UA."

Patent: Modifying Search Resuts Rankings Based on Implicit User Feedback (Mar. 2019):

"Other various inputs may be used instead of, or in addition to, GOOGLE® PageRank for determining and ranking search results. For example, user reactions to particular search results or search result lists may be gauged, so that results on which users often click will receive a higher ranking. The general assumption under such an approach is that searching users are often the best judges of relevance, so that if they select a particular search result, it is likely to be relevant, or at least more relevant than the presented alternatives."

"For example, the tracking component 2050 can be embedded JavaScript code included in a web page ranking 2040 that identifies user selections (clicks) of individual document results and also identifies when the user returns to the results page, thus indicating the amount of time the user spent viewing the selected document result. "

Patent: Recent Interest Based on Relevance Scoring:

"Search results can have an elevated importance, or inferred relevance, if a number of other search results link to them. If the linking results are themselves highly relevant, then the linked-to results may have a particularly high rel evance. Such an approach to determining relevance may be premised on the assumption that, if authors of web pages felt that another web site was relevant enough to be linked to, then web searchers would also find the site to be particularly relevant. In short, the web authors “vote up the relevance of the sites."

"Other various inputs may be used instead of, or in addition to. Such techniques for determining and ranking search results. For example, user reactions to particular search results or search result lists may be gauged, so that results on which users often click will receive a higher ranking. The general assumption under Such an approach is that searching users are often the best judges of relevance, so that if they select a particular search result, it is likely to be relevant, or at least more relevant than the presented alternatives."

Patent: Query Augmentation :

"The click logs can be used to identify which user queries perform best, as indicated by the number of clicks associated with each query.In some implementations, implicit signals of query quality are used to determine if a query can be used as an augmentation query. An implicit signal is a signal based on user actions in response to the query. Example implicit signals can include click-through rates (CTR) related to different user queries, long click metrics, and/or click-through reversions, as recorded within the click logs."

"A click-through for a query can occur, for example, when a user of a user device, selects or “clicks” on a search result returned by search engine. The CTR is obtained by dividing the number of users that clicked on a search result by the number of times the query was submitted. For example, if a query is input 100 times, and 80 persons click on a search result, then the CTR for that query is 80%."

"A long click occurs when a user, after clicking on a search result, dwells on the landing page (i.e., the document to which the search result links) of the search result or clicks on additional links that are present on the landing page. A long click can be interpreted as a signal that the query identified information that the user deemed to be interesting, as the user either spent a certain amount of time on the landing page or found addition items of interest on the landing page."

"A click-through reversion (also known as a “short click”) occurs when a user, after clicking on a search result and being provided the referenced document, quickly returns to the search results page from the referenced document. A click-through reversion can be interpreted as a signal that the query did not identify information that the user deemed to be interesting, as the user quickly returned to the search results page."

"For example, a query having a high CTR, many long clicks, and few click-through reversions would likely have a high performance score; conversely, a query having a low CTR, few long clicks, and many click-through reversions would likely have a low performance score."

More patents:

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