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Ultimate Link Building by AI Boost rankings, receive quality traffic

"Creating specialized Sites that abound more on a topic and that link you to your main website that is related to the topic, as well as other sources, does not go against Google directives. It is acceptable if it is not abused."
Matt Cutts, Head of Google\'s Web Spam

How it Works

fast, simple but powerfull

How it Works

Our first blog created 100% by our AI, with content generated 100% by out AI and with just backlinks from other of our own AI generated websites. You just have to pick the right keywords ;) Still is growing...
(*) Average PageSpeed Results obtained by websites generated by our AI

What it does?

Our AI generates unique and fast, quality Websites With keyword related authoritative content!

Is as simple as writing a single keyword. Our AI will learn all about it and generate keyword-rich factual content and a unique independent hosted Website with up to 98% Page Speed, Core Vitals, and fast Cache, CDN, and distinct IPs for each one.

  • Generate all Questions & Answers around one single keyword
  • Starting at only $97 USD on Pay as you go Plan: 1 website, 1 year hosting, 40 articles averaging 500 words each included, unlimited traffic
  • Initial Powerful Backlinks, Included! Your new site will reach DR +30 in a few days
  • 1 USD month hosting unlimited traffic! First year is free!

Some Real Results!

Our last Case Study Results of A.I. generated website!

Watch the video with the evolution in real time of our A.I. Generated Blog on which the hosting, website, and content were generated simply by giving the keyword "Punta Cana" to the AI.

  • Zero intervention: we didn´t add, modified, or change any content on the website or add new backlinks. The website is just as it was when generated by the A.I.
  • Fast Results: the generated content was indexed by Google pretty fast. It did leave the sandbox in just 2 months and did reach 1.000 monthly visits in the 5th month.
(*) example website

AdSense Ready!

Can these websites pay themselves? Without a doubt yes!

This example website was created giving a single keyword "VoIP Services" and has already recuperated their initial cost just with Adsense revenue. Is not stellar, but we haven\'t done anything more than creating the website and adding it to Adsense once it started to receive organic traffic. Better results can be obtained with careful keyword research and by generating articles for each keyword. But we think of those websites as link sources for money websites and not to be money sites by themselves, if that happens the better. The important factor is that if they are good to show advertising they are more than good as a quality link source.

  • Generate the website from 1 keyword with SEO content around it
  • Google Adsense Ready! Add your Advertiser ID and send the site for approval.

The AI does the heavy work'

Need hundreds of SEO Optimized Related Posts? 4 clicks and less than 1 minute

Perhaps the world's simplest way of creating SEO-optimized quality content. You just need to write a keyword, let's say "Punta Cana". Our AI will learn all about it and generate all possible questions people may have about such a term. And of course the answers to each of them. You can see a real example on our own sample blog all the content was generated simply by giving the keyword "Punta Cana" to the AI.

Here you can see the video of how the A.I. creates the website in minutes and the learning process.

  • Multi Language: the content can be generated in regionalized English and Spanish and can be automatically translated by AI to 26 languages.
  • Rich Content: the generated content can include pictures, videos, and links to related articles to help you with your backlinks outreach.
  • Flexible: You can provide simple keywords, or well subtitles or even questions... as you like. The AI will generate the long post covering all of them when you select a Cluster Campaign.

Need Aged Domains with backlinks?

Curated Expired Domains Get them at just 9 USD each!

New Expired Domains each day. Access our database with thousands of recently expired domains with quality backlinks and create a new website over it with a few clicks.

  • One click: Connect your Namecheap API and you will be able to register the domain and create over it a new website with 40 articles around one keyword in 1 click
  • Daily Updates: Our powerful spiders bring each day new fresh domains. Backlinks are monitored via Ahrefs API.

More than just simple Links

Unrelated links worths nothing or are harmful! Links from sites with thousand of pages pass little value

Google said that on different Patents. Also, links from pages with content related to yours provide more value. And since Page Ranks value degrades as much pages a site has, links from unrelated pages from sites with thousand of unrelated pages between them, like a News Paper, worths next to nothing if is not on front page.

"If you get a link from a newspaper in an article that’s currently linked on the front page, that’s going to be a really important link for us. However, that news website is going to evolve, and overtime that article is suddenly on page two, or it’s in a section for articles, then it will not be as relevant anymore for us." John Mueller, Google Analyst'

Easy PBN Management

Manage all your created Websites in one place! Easy website editing, content creation and Interlinking

Perhaps the world's simplest way of managing hundreds of websites. You can also edit all websites from one single interface. Create new posts, add new links, interlink blogs and, create a new website all on one easy interface.

  • Your Domains or Ours: use your own domains by adding the different Nameservers given by the AI for each domain, or select any of the quality availables, and even expired domains, proposed by our AI for your new website.
  • Auto Website Generation: create new websites by giving just one keyword. Our AI takes care of design, content, images, setup the hosting, and everything else.
  • No footprints: each Website has different DNS, CNames, IPs, WordPress Versions, JQuery Versions, Fonts, design, CSS, Designs, authors.

Is not against Google Guidelines but...

Is good to be shield!

You can´t control what other sites that link to you does, but you can control your CTRify SEO Sites. And we care about your security also.

Each Website is individually hosted on our cloud has:

  • Domain Privacy
  • Unique CNAMEs
  • Different regionalized IPs
  • Different Designs Combinations
  • Different Cloud DNSs NameServers
  • Unique footprint-less JS, CSS, and HTML
  • Different Fonts, Jquery, WordPress Versions, Plugins
  • Different Gmail, Search Console & Analytics Accounts
  • Reliable, Fast, Powerful Servers DDoS attacks Proof
  • Follows Qualifying links Guidelines on References Sites linked from each generated post

Isn't against Google Policies

What Google Said?

"Creating specialized Sites that abound more on a topic and that link you to your main website that is related to the topic, as well as other sources, does not go against Google directives. It is acceptable if it is not abused."

Create a Campaign

Provide a simple Keyword, and the AI will study all about it and generate a detailled list of related Questions and Answears.

Select a Domain

Provide yours by pointing the DNS to our Cloud or pick one free from our suggested ones that may include expired domains.

AI Generates the Website

Relax and sit back, our AI will take care of generate all your content, images, setup the server, SSL, CDN and upload the website

Maintenance on Auto-Pilot

You can ask the AI to schedule for you new posts on daily, weekly or monthly basis to maintain your website updated..


Why us?

Perfect ecosystem

Choose targeted user experiences from almost all countries and cities in the world. We have a selected group of 6,103,832 talented workers from 111 countries orchestrated by our IA to perform an SEO Symphony.

On the right time

One of the most important factors is when to send a signal. Our AI is in command to decide the best time of the day to perform an action based on the data it has. Every single task is metered and scheduled by our AI until completion.


Thanks to our economies of scale we are able to offer you service not just at the right price, but even less expensive than any other solution. And most important, hands-free for you. We take care of all.

Protection against penalizations

You cannot penalize what you can´t see. We won´t tell, you neither right? Our signals are well diluted on the ocean of signals received each second by the AI of the Search Engines. AI detects Outliers/Anomalies to avoid abuses or data corruption. Our AI likes to be normal.

Secure Data, Secure Secrets

You control your data and we don´t store or share any private information. Once a campaign is finished you can delete every trace of data after downloading the campaign reports. In fact, we beg you for that as Machine Learning uses an insane amount of data calculation.


The use of our solution is untraceable. You don´t need to install any script on your side, add any tag or modify in any way your web pages.

Same AI Content Generation Power on your own hosting

WordPress Plugin Available Try it free on your website

Sometimes you want more control over a website and hosting and we understand that, this is why we launched our CTRify WordPress Plugin. Have the same powerful SEO Optimized AI content generation under your own server.


Request and invite to Join CTRify


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How good is the generated Content?

    The generated content is as good as other AI content generated by similars AIs, lets say OpenAI GPT-3 or GPT-2. It will never replace a proffesional copy writer on style. But will for sure surpase humman capabilities of research and content creation. Humans may rather prefer human-written content, but for SEO others AIs like Google´s will like our content as well. Ideally is recommended to write as better content as possible in order to convert your visitors to sales, or actions. AI-generated content helps you to start receiving traffic by indexing content faster. But is recommended that you monitor your visits in order to locate the most visited content and optimize it for your desired conversion needs.

  • Is the content original?

    Yes as original as any AI-generated content can be. It passes Plagiarism checkers. But is not invent content, we teach the AI to be as factual as possible to don not "invent" things. So it may cite real products, businesses and will cite real websites as references.

  • Can we get penalized by Google to use this service?

    You cannot be penalized for publishing original automated content. Our content has been accepted for Advertising programs like Adsense and is indexed by Google and Other search engines without problems.

  • I´m an SEO Consultant or Agency. Can I provide this service to my own customers?

    Sure, but with some considerations. You can´t provide your client access to the platform. And you are not allowed to resell a CTRify Campaign as a stand-alone SEO service, at your cost, or adding a margin. You are allowed to create Campaigns for your customers as a value-added to your SEO service offer.

    In fact, as an SEO consultant or Agency, CTRify is perfect for you! One of the many problems we detected with our customers as they hired SEO services to improve the rankings of the websites generated by our solution is that they think that SEO optimizations work as fast as an SEM campaign.

    With CTRify you will be able to show some results to your customers in a few days while you work on your other optimizations to improve even more rankings or reach more keywords. We are not intended to replace a human SEO work. Think on us like an AI assistant that helps you optimize signals not reached earlier by any other SEO, and that will handle the heavy lift of the competitor's research, backlinks, and on-page for you.

  • Can I export the generated Sites to other hosting?

    Yes, if you are unhappy with our hosting you´ll be able to export the content and images to a JSON file or well use our WordPress Plugin to export the Posts and Images to a WordPress site hosted anywhere. We can also provide you a pure HTML copy of the website.

  • Do you have an Affiliate or Referral Program?

    Yes, you can learn more about our Partners Program here


What our customers say

Our brain

Awesome Team

Alberto M. Rubio
Nathalie Neri
UI/UX Designer
Alejandra Rubio
Full Stack Developer

Our foundations

Some Google Patents

What that Google patents say?

Patent: Refining Search Results Rankings Based on Content Affinity (Jul. 2017):

"if a document is linked to by many other relevant documents that also contain matches for the search terms, it can be inferred that the target document is particularly relevant."

"If the pointing documents are in turn the targets of links from other relevant documents, they can be considered more relevant, and the first document can be considered particu larly relevant because it is the target of relevant (or even highly relevant) documents. "

Patent: Recent Interest Based on Relevance Scoring (Jul. 2016):

"If the linking results are themselves highly relevant, then the linked-to results may have a particularly high relevance. Such an approach to determining relevance may be premised on the assumption that, if authors of web pages felt that another web site was relevant enough to be linked to, then web searchers would also find the site to be particularly relevant."

"In short, the web authors “vote up“ the relevance of the sites."

Patent: Document scoring based on link grow criteria (Mar. 2013):

"a document with an inception date of yesterday that is referenced by 10 back links. This document may be scored higher by search engine 125 than a document with an inception date of 10 years ago that is referenced by 100 back links because the rate of link growth for the former is relatively higher than the latter."

"Search engine may use the inception date of a document to determine a rate at which links to the document are created. This rate can then be used to score the document giving more weight to documents to which links are generated more often"

"Search engine may generate a content update score that repre sents how often a document (or page) is updated, an update amount score that represents how much the document (or page) has changed over time. "

"On the other hand, content deemed to be important if updated/changed (e.g., more often, more recently, more extensively, etc.). Such as the title oranchor text associated with the forward links, could be given more weight than changes to other content when determining UA."

More patents: